my christmas 'decorating'...and hi from the slayer

on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last week I told you that I'd show you my Christmas warned, I use the term very loosely I also said, if I remember correctly that you should be prepared to be underwhelmed. I'm not going to be at home for Christmas this year. Jess, Ben and I will be having a Christmas Eve dinner at Jess's home in Sydney and then we'll be making the road trip to and from Newcastle on Christmas Day to have lunch with my mum and dad and our rather odd, extended family! I say that lovingly J
Because of that, I haven't done much in the way of decoration in the townhouse, which is a pity. I've got an awesome black tree that looks fab with silver and pearls flung in, over and around it...but never mind. 
So this is it I'm afraid...a $4.98 string of plastic hearts (from Big W) draped over an embroidered velvet taj mahal cushion cover I bought in India...framed after I spilled something on it and it lost its appeal on the sofa...I do love it and its memories though...even if due to this wonderful gift it's no longer hanging there...things move quickly in the townhouse!
...last year's frou frou feather boa wreath with the addition of a $2 string of white lights (last of the big spenders I am!)...
and cherries...because nothing in my view says Christmas in Australia more than cherries. I do hope your hols are the proverbial bowl of them.
While it may not be Christmassy in the strictest sense of the word...this is probably good advice for this time of year. The 2011 birthday present from the first makes me smile every time I come home.
And it's hardly Christmas without the slayer now is it?  With lots of love from me and mine to you and yours....see you sometime after the face stuffing and afternoon napping has ceased. Not that it ever does where that cat's concerned! And as I'm on leave at the end of today, I may just do a bit of that myself!
And most those of you who are going through a hard time, who are unwell, who've lost people you love this year, who don't know what to do about something or someone, who are struggling...blessings to you xx
all photos by a tranquil townhouse