warning ~ there is kitsch in this post!

on Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yesterday, I blogged about a beautiful house in West Sussex in the UK. One of the things I loved in that house was this...
I thought that parrot was so fabulous...and it is...I love it to bits and I would really like to own it, but alas I don't!
Now lovely people, I spend a lot of time at the desk in my study

(note to self, get better lighting or a better camera and paint those walls white...but which white??)...where was I? Oh yes, I'm here either working on my real work when I can manage to work from home, or blogging, or devouring other people's blogs (which I'm afraid to say is bordering on the obsessive!)...so when I saw these babies in the Canberra Centre's version of the two dollar shop yesterday...I'm sorry...they had to come home with me.
So call the design police (although I'd rather you called a lighting specialist)...I don't care. I love them, and you know what...they make me smile...and when you're working, what could be better than that!