my weekend project ~ Simone's fairy light inspiration

on Sunday, March 21, 2010

It started like this...I saw Simone's Beach Vintage post about making skirts for the fairy lights for her lucky daughter's they are...v.pretty
pic from Beach Vintage
...and I thought, there's an idea (must 
stop doing that...I'm sure it's just a way to procrastinate even further about finishing painting the pergola!)...anyway, just what I need to jazz up my fairy light basket 'lamp' I said to myself (no-one else being around). Here it is unplugged...a bit of a shamozzle I'm sure you'd agree!
And here it is lit up...quite pretty in a thrown together, diy, budget light fixture kind of way.

But (there's almost always a 'but' isn't there) I was worried about how naked it looked during the day and concerned for its modesty (ok, not really...I'm not quite that mad)
So I thought I would take Simone's idea and give my fairy lights some of their own little tu-tu's. But I wasn't content with living room is kind of colourful, so I made some out of red, purple, and well as white.
Over the top? Me? Course not.
It took quite a bit longer than I thought! Here they are unlit...

I'm not 100% sure about them like this to be honest...I don't think they look anywhere near as good as Simone's...perhaps because of the plain edges...perhaps because tulle twirling is not a skill I've mastered...perhaps because it wasn't a good idea to start with! But here is my 'lamp' lit up at night. And that, I do quite like.

What do you think?  Should I leave my lights to their multi-coloured madness or should I just forget about it altogether and pack it away in a cupboard!?!