soul food friday ~ marriage

on Thursday, September 30, 2010

Richard and I are off to a wedding of those 'later in life' marriages that don't come around all that often, but that have special meaning when they do...well I think so anyway. The last time I bothered to look up any statistics (despite a hard earned HD in stats when I was doing my Masters I can't stand anything remotely resembling a number!) the trend was that as a population we are marrying less and marrying later. But marrying we are...and I like that.
These beautiful wedding pictures are of Sonia and her new husband Peppe. The gorgeous (both inside and out) Sonia works in our company and she and Peppe were married on July 22nd this year. They've just come back from a very long honeymoon lucky things!
They were married in Peppe's home town Scilla in southern Italy. In the St Catarani church where Peppe's parents, grandparents and sisters were all say nothing of the gazillion family christenings that have been celebrated there! 
Sonia tells me that the mural behind the altar depicts St Catherine of the can read about her here if you're so inclined. Or take a little trip to Scilla, Calabria here.
Aren't these photos wonderful? Like something out of a magazine. But I've saved the one I like best for last...
That ' glad to see you' kiss, after the walk down the aisle :) Just beautiful.
So, where was I...oh yes, marriage. Despite a failed one (which I've thankfully stopped beating myself up about) I don't give a toss what the statistics say. Weddings bring joy, laughter, maybe a few tears, hope, happiness, excitement, fatigue, promise, and of course...mountains of love. A lot like marriage itself don't you think.
And that's what it's all about.
all images courtesy of Sonia and Peppe...a long, happy life together you two xx
p.s. In case you're wondering, despite the 'failure' (which really wasn't when you think about it, because we produced two beautiful children as a result), the ex and I get on well, and I'm facebook friends with his new wife...civilised lot we are!!

top ten pictures from the week ~ 29.9.10

on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have to tell you...
my house looks like the proverbial bomb has gone off in a corner of it
a small one anyway...bomb that is, not corner
and that's not even counting the space the 22 year old is inhabiting

that,my friends, you can only begin to imagine!

but it's where he creates some rather good graphic design...I'll show you some of it one day...
so how wonderful it is to gaze at all this...well, tidyness and order and tranquility...

sometimes my house looks styled...

but not all that often I must confess

maybe this weekend I'll have a styling blitz
or maybe not...I have a wedding to go a paddock near Tumut! Can't wait.

Where, apart from pondering the joys of wedded bliss (and wondering where on earth I went wrong!!), I will think about who to pass this lovely award on to...and make up reveal 5 secret things about me!
Thank you Sara Louise, for thinking I'm silly possum...have you forgotten the crochet rock :)  You must check out Sara in Le Petit Village. Go and meet her, the husband, Fifty, and Honey Jr among others. She is an absolute cracker and an definite must read for moi!

p.s. I actually love the rock :))

images via brabourne farm; collage of life; cote de texas; design sponge; driftwood interiors; greige; la maison boheme; shannon fricke; the design files; the diversion project

in trouble with the embroiderer's guild!

on Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is what happens when you give in to your undisputed procrastination skills. You come a cropper!! I was meant to be finishing a tender document yesterday. Not the most fun thing to do on a Sunday that's for sure.
I didn't think it could hurt to take myself off to the Embroiderer's Guild exhibition at Canberra's Albert Hall. Just for an hour or so...
There were some lovely example of very fine needlework. This amazing boho teacosy was quite old...isn't it fabulous!

I managed to take a couple of pictures before I was accosted by a white gloved wearing official who told me picture taking was definitely, absolutey not allowed. And hadn't I seen the sign in the foyer forbidding it? Well no...obviously not!
I of course apologised profusely and was given a further bollocking and told it was because of copyright issues. Hmmm, copyright? What a catch-all excuse, and slightly bemusing as I certainly wasn't planning on stealing designs and mass producing table runners!
Of course, being told I couldn't take pictures paled into absolute insignificance after the earlier humiliation of being asked if I qualified for a 'seniors discount' when I was paying my entry fee. What the...!!! So that made me determined to post the few photos I did manage to take! This is as rebellious as I get I'm afraid. In my defence I did look up the guild website to see if there were any photos there I could use. The last time photos were uploaded bloggy peeps??2007! I am resting my case! And I don't think I'll be joining the guild any time soon...senior or not!!
On the plus side I scored these great old books for only $5 for the three. Gotta love that.

I'll see you tomorrow. Might have to spend some time today looking up cosmetic surgeons!!

soul food friday ~ don't stop learning

on Thursday, September 23, 2010

I was facilitating a program this week, trying to give people some insights into being a team leader. We spoke a lot about the need to understand yourself...your drivers, motivators, interests, things that get on your goat...and importantly, your emotions. 
I had a major wake up call a few days ago. I learned that while I may have been saying one thing, I was actually demonstrating through my behaviour something quite different. The opposite of what I had intended. The complete antithesis of what I really believed. My self awareness was shot to pieces...clouded. Actually, to be honest, it was completely smothered by self absorption.
I've learned I need to listen more. Really listen. And hear.
I've learned that I need to be more compassionate. And show it.
I've learned that when the universe revolves around you it can be a pretty small and uninspiring place.
But most of all, I've learned that acknowledging when you've lost the plot and saying sorry for it is one of the best things you can do...for you.
As I said to a friend the other're never too old to learn some new things about yourself. Or about others who you think you know so well. It makes life better, no doubt about that, even if you're not so chuffed about the things you're learning :)
Hope you get to learn something new this weekend.
image from here

my creative gone slightly awry

on Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Since I've almost completed the ten year cat tapestry project...yes, I am easily distracted like to take my time...I thought I'd have a go at designing a little tapestry project myself..something simple...
Graph paper was purchased, the colouring pencils came out and I had myself a little design...but it didn't take long for me to realise that said design was going to look, well...let's say, not quite what I had in mind!
So, I improvised and I'm quite happy with how it's coming along. A little less grandma and a bit more boho!
It's going to be a little cushiony thing with a loop you can hang over a knob of some description :)
Maybe I'll do some Christmas themed, Noel, move your arse Santa...that type of thing...or perhaps not!!

top 10 pictures from the week ~ 22.9.10 ~ and thank you

on Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello possums. It's nice to be back in the saddle, or whatever the bloggy equivalent is. 
I must confess to being a bit slack about filing pictures away...
It's not because I haven't been looking...
it just required a bit more energy than I could summon...
A bit pathetic? Well...yes! But that's ok.
Here's some nice ones though. A bit more subdued than usual perhaps...
But not entirely...oh, no!

But soothing for sure...

I know this is a picture post, but it's as much about things I've noticed. And perhaps because things are a bit wobbly at the moment, I noticed this from Sarah Wilson's blog and an interview she conducted with Caroline Myss on her new book Defy Gravity. Myss's advice on dealing with things that happen to you...
... just stop relying on reasons, then the answer comes. Which is to say, the graceful whisper of our intuition kicks in and tells us where we’re at and steers us. While ever we defer to reason, we can’t hear the graceful whisper.
Nice. And true. And on a lighter note, because to be honest, I'm completely over myself...something I found on the first-born's tumblr...

Thanks for sticking around. I was so right about the kindness thing. You lot are heaps nice :) And so are my kids...thank you both. Love you to bits.

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soul food friday ~ friendship, acts of kindness and a break

on Thursday, September 9, 2010

You hear (or read) about so many acts of kindness in this bloggy world. I hadn't expected that when I started, although I suspect if I'd actually thought about it, it might have gone down as one of those glimpses of the bleeding obvious.
Kindness is pretty much everywhere. Friends rally when you're glum. I've had lots of 'rallying' in the last few days. From my 'here in my home town' peeps and from my online friends. And that has been so lovely.
And when you're feeling out of sorts it's wonderful to come home and find a package in your mailbox. It puts a smile on your face and makes you feel a bit better.
this image is via chasing satellites...the first born's new tumblr (it's lovely - you should visit)

The package was from my friend Mary in Canada. She follows my blog and always leaves lovely comments. We met each other 20 years ago when our husbands were posted to the UK. Mine in the Australian Army, hers in the Canadian. She's still got hers though!!! We only reconnected recently through the wonders of Google and a name search! Thanks so much for doing that you guys :) 
You can tell she reads the blog because she knitted me some dishcloths!
...they even came with a colour coordinated card...
...and instructions in case I want to make some too! Well thank you Mary...I just might do that:)
And last, but not least...thank you everyone for your comments about my blues. I knew you'd understand and I am very grateful. They're still hanging about (blast them to smithereens!), but honestly, I know I have very little to be glum about. Nonetheless, I'm going to take your advice and take it easy for a week or so. I've noticed there are a few others doing that...perhaps it's that time of year!
And when I come back I'm sure I'll be much chirpier (thanks Amanda, such a good word to be reminded of!). In the meantime I'm going to do some of this...a bit of getting fit..or at least starting the process (because boy do I need to do that!) and spend some time in the garden (if it ever stops raining). Oh yeah, and there's that pesky work to go to as well in between knitting dishcloths ;)
I do hope you'll still be around when I come back, because I really do appreciate you. If not, that's ok too. I'll still be blog stalking of course :) And as this lovely picture Jess took last night shows, there's always a rainbow somewhere...very pretty isn't it?