in trouble with the embroiderer's guild!

on Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is what happens when you give in to your undisputed procrastination skills. You come a cropper!! I was meant to be finishing a tender document yesterday. Not the most fun thing to do on a Sunday that's for sure.
I didn't think it could hurt to take myself off to the Embroiderer's Guild exhibition at Canberra's Albert Hall. Just for an hour or so...
There were some lovely example of very fine needlework. This amazing boho teacosy was quite old...isn't it fabulous!

I managed to take a couple of pictures before I was accosted by a white gloved wearing official who told me picture taking was definitely, absolutey not allowed. And hadn't I seen the sign in the foyer forbidding it? Well no...obviously not!
I of course apologised profusely and was given a further bollocking and told it was because of copyright issues. Hmmm, copyright? What a catch-all excuse, and slightly bemusing as I certainly wasn't planning on stealing designs and mass producing table runners!
Of course, being told I couldn't take pictures paled into absolute insignificance after the earlier humiliation of being asked if I qualified for a 'seniors discount' when I was paying my entry fee. What the...!!! So that made me determined to post the few photos I did manage to take! This is as rebellious as I get I'm afraid. In my defence I did look up the guild website to see if there were any photos there I could use. The last time photos were uploaded bloggy peeps??2007! I am resting my case! And I don't think I'll be joining the guild any time soon...senior or not!!
On the plus side I scored these great old books for only $5 for the three. Gotta love that.

I'll see you tomorrow. Might have to spend some time today looking up cosmetic surgeons!!