last post for the year...I have a date with a gallery wall

on Thursday, December 29, 2011

I don't know about you, but I need a bit of a break J
It's been a big year for all sorts of reasons...some good, some things I could have done without, and some significant changes on the horizon!
So while I have a bit of a rest from the blog and as many things electronic as I possibly can, there's some work to be done on my bedroom involving a whole pile of pictures and two Ikea Ribba picture ledges...
I'll be painting the lower half of the room and installing a gallery wall...I can hear it calling to me..."hurry up, I've only been waiting about a year for you to get off your butt and tart me up. Neglected, that's what I am!"  
I'll see you sometime soon, ok?  Early in the new year I'll sort my top ten pics from all of the top ten posts in 2011...I'm looking forward to a trip through the archives. 
In the meantime, have fun, relax, stay safe, hug lots of people. But more than that, congratulate yourselves for being a very fine bunch. Caring, kind, supportive, funny, thoughtful, crafty, nutty, talented, eccentric, intelligent and a few other words that will no doubt spring to mind after I've hit publish. You add another, very lovely dimension to my life. You are admired and appreciated. Lots of love to all of you...even the bits you're not fond of! 
See you on the other side (of the wall). I'm going to have to do it now aren't I?
images 1 and 3: pinterest; image 2: ikea