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on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our family has a huge soft spot for Erin Lightfoot. She was the first friend Jess made when she went off to a new high school not knowing a single soul. I'm still not sure I've been forgiven for that! They sat together in the cavernous assembly hall and they've been friends ever since. Even survived weekly after school flute lessons together. And a whole pile of other things I'm sure it's best I don't know about!
Now there is another reason to love Erin...not that we need one. Look at the amazing fabric, clothing and jewellery she is designing. 
Erin was recently featured on the Finders Keepers blog. You can read her interview here.
Now Erin, when I come off my self imposed 100 day don't buy anything I don't really need challenge, there's this chair I have that needs some new fabric...
and those beautiful bangles would make some nice gifts too don't you think :)
That's Erin on the right, my girl in the middle and their friend Matt. I may get shot for posting that. But I'm overseas so they'll have a hard time finding me:)
You can see more of Erin's wonderful work on her website...
images of erin's work from her website; family snap by me