back from bali...

on Monday, June 27, 2011

Have you ever had a week so special that you don't quite know what to say about it?
That's how I feel about my time in Bali...although you probably wouldn't believe me if you'd been in my office yesterday where they couldn't shut me up about it!
I was doing a workshop called The Art and Craft of Writing the Senses, run by The Sydney Writers' Centre and delivered by the extraordinary Patti Miller. A writer, a teacher, an absolute gift and a total inspiration. 
I went to Bali to find out whether writing was something I could possibly do. Well, that is. And as I left Ubud on Saturday night I told Patti and anyone else who'd listen that this had been one of the best experiences of my life. And it's true. The camaraderie of 12 women, all with a passion for writing and a huge variety of life experiences; all supportive, caring, nurturing. And clever, oh so clever.
I knew, well before the end of the week, that this is how I want to spend my life. After looking for what seems like an age, and trying out lots of things, I've finally found my focus. I'm going to write. 
I'll take small steps (there are after all mortgages to be paid!) but I already know what the first of those will be. Just the thought of it makes me feel both excited and tranquil [and if I'd been reading this out during a class last week I'd be in trouble for using abstract words!]
It certainly wasn't all work; and even the work felt like play. There was sightseeing, shopping (I was very good given my '100 day don't buy anything I don't really need challenge'), and I took a lot of photos of food. And I mean a lot!
A cooking class at the Casa Luna cooking school was a real non-writing highlight. I'll do a separate post about that.
I won't go on too much more about my wonderful week, but if you're interested in doing something like this, feel free to email me and I can give you the low down :)
all photos: a tranquil townhouse
p.s. And guess what? I didn't buy a buddha, not even a little one :)