a cool magazine spread::aka look what my clever girl has done

on Monday, June 20, 2011

If you can't use a personal blog to brag about your kids occasionally then there isn't much point in having one as far as I can see!
Many of you will know that the first born works at Cleo magazine. She started as an intern after doing work experience at Girlfriend magazine and is now the photo editor/features assistant.
More and more she's being given the opportunity to showcase her skill and talent and I'm so proud to be showing you this 10 page spread she and her colleague Kate put together for the July edition. All the words are by Jess. You might have to click on them to make it easier to read.
Or you can go and buy the magazine...on sale now :)
It's about happiness as you can see. And does my girl Jess make me happy? Oh yes, even when she's not being clever and smart and funny. 
You make me proud my precious :)