guilt inducing you indulge?

on Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have a confession. I did (and please excuse my French) stuff-all this weekend. Things I should have been doing, didn't get done. I stayed in my pyjamas until after lunch on Saturday and Sunday. 
I didn't put my washing away, much less touch an iron.
I really didn't think much about blogging...which I'm trying to tell myself is a good thing...only every now and then...of course ;)
I didn't go and play volleyball as I promised myself I would.
I didn't do the financial paperwork that I really must do, and I didn't start an assignment that absolutely needs to be started.
I did the barest amount of grocery shopping that I could get away with. And I didn't do a whole lot of other things that I won't bore you with.
But here's what I did do. I enjoyed the solitude of having the house to myself. The 22 year old was in Sydney for the weekend helping the first born move out of an apartment she shared with a very odd French man and into a house with four other 40 degree plus heat...poor loves.
I thought about my upcoming trip to New York (thank you so much for the suggestions...please keep them coming). 
I read. I read lots. I watched old movies. I did a bit more to the Ballets Russes painting. Biting off more than I can chew comes to mind when I look at this...many, many more hours required until it's decent...but I will persevere thanks to some lovely encouragement from my blogging/facebook friends!
I went out for dinner with my man on Friday...we had fabulous salt and pepper squid. I made a nice dinner at home for us on Saturday. I went out for dinner at my lovely friends Chris and Terry's on Sunday...I'll photograph their house one'll love it. So, I guess, in effect what I did was stop...and in a life full of constantly doing stuff...enjoy, for the moment, being a sloth. Like the vampire slayer does every single day of her life! 
 Now I just need to work out how to do that without feeling guilty. Any hints?