soul food friday ~ birthday magnificence

on Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warning: maternal pride alert...

I know you've probably seen this before, but I'm posting it for the first-born who is having her 25th birthday today...and who sent it to me in the first place. Surely she was thinking of me when she flung that image and those words through cyberspace!! Joking. OK, not really.
But on this special day that marks 25 years since those excruciating life altering hours of induced labour ended with a 'c' section in a Brisbane hospital...too much information?!?...I am thinking about her magnificence. Because for sure, she looks magnificent don't you think? Even though I am horribly biased...and you will I know forgive me for this personal indulgence...
But more importantly to me, and to those who love her and who are lucky enough to be loved by her, she is magnificent on so many other levels. Kind, thoughtful, insightful, smart, witty, supportive, talented, accepting, forgiving, generous. And I could go on....but for now my gorgeous girl...and because I never told you enough when you were growing are, indeed, a magnificent creature and one of the finest people I know. 
We love you Jessica Faith.
[And if that doesn't get me into a good nursing home I don't know what will! Joking bloggy peeps, joking...]
...and a late addition to this post...a picture of the vampire slayer, but only because Jess loves her...and it's her birthday...and I'm feeling generous

image 1 from here; image 2 stolen from the first-born's Facebook page, because, as it was already 'out there', I can't be shot for posting it! image 3 by me on a rare occasion when the slayer wasn't demanding to be fed