when it all gets a bit too much

on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I wish I had some time to lie on a warm rock (wish my skin was that smooth as well!)...but there's just too much going on at work...and it's important...and it can't wait...and it's spilling into leisure time...just for the moment. Starting early and finishing late. So...as much as I hate to...I'm taking a few days away from the bloggy-world...to tough it out...do what needs to be done...and try and kick a few things into touch (to mix a metaphor or three). So that I can come back and play...a little more light heartedly (I was going to say a little less burdened but that seemed far too melodramatic even for me!). Hopefully I will see you all on Friday...it's the first-born's 25th birthday and I'm sure some soul food will be in order! Take care...I'll be missing you while I'm stoically avoiding you...you beings of mass distraction you!