88 design...he did it!

on Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last week the 23 year old and around 70 of his classmates held their graduating class exhibition at the University of Canberra. To say that I'm more than a little bit proud is putting it mildlyJ
This lovely young man of mine has worked really, really hard to get to where he now finds himself...with a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree that will be conferred next March. Distinction average thank you very much!  I can't wait to see him in a cap and gown...the last time would have been at his christening. Actually no, he wore a little white romper suit to that. Sorry Ben!
I am of course hugely biased, but I think his work is wonderful...
I'm getting this one for Christmas!
Though I'm not a mummy blogger (whatever that is I'm pretty sure it involves having kids much younger than mine!) I am a mum, and if I can't occasionally use my blog to brag about my offspring, then quite honestly it's not worth having as far as I'm concerned!

Ben is talented, clever, kind, handsome, loving...and he is tenacious. He's persevered through some really tough times to achieve this...and it is, indeed, a wonderful achievement. Bursting with admiration for you my fabulous boy xxx
He's looking for a job if you know of anyone who wants to hire a graphic designer with a great attitude J
p.s. the colour scheme of the exhibition was black, white and yellow. I accidentally dressed to match, as you do J
 images 1,2,7 by me; all designs by 88 design