this week's top ten...

on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hooley dooley, life’s a bit frantic at the moment…
I don’t know about you…
But I have about eleventy-seven million things to do
And nowhere near enough time to do them in
And that includes collecting ten pictures this week...which may account for this next one of a toilet, although I do think it's a bit genius!!
And while I told myself this would be a Christmas decorating picture free zone
I couldn’t resist this next one. Subtle. Glamorous.
I’ll show you my Christmas decorating next week….that should only take up about 2.5 seconds of your precious time…and I warn you prepared to be underwhelmed 
Last top ten for the year is coming up next week...and then I may have a bash at compiling my top ten from the entire year's pickings...that should fill up a few of those non-existent spare hours I have up my sleeve!
Stay calm J 
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