top ten pictures from the week ~ 3 August 11

on Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I've come to love the top ten
seen on belle maison
not just because it's a repository of pictures that take my fancy
seen on decorology
filed away where I can find them...a bit like my very own pinterest
seen on tiny white daisies tumblr
but I also get to tell you
seen on the design files; photographer paul barbera
in just a few lines
seen on pretty space tumblr
about some of the important things in my life
seen on design sponge
tucked in here among the pretty images of gorgeous homes and gardens.
seen on decorology
Like how this week I entered my very first short story writing competition
seen on bazaar of serendipity
I don't mind telling you...
seen on a perfect gray
I'm a little bit pleased with myself 
seen on greige
and I don't give a toss if it wins or not 
seen on dustjacket attic; photography by stefano corso
because my very clever and extremely well read children both love it. 
 And that's prize enough for me :)