the 100 day challenge: half way point...

on Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just over half way actually...53 days to be exact. So what's it all about? You can read the original post here but essentially I challenged myself to go 100 days without buying anything I didn't really need, in order to think a bit more deeply about what I needed as opposed to what I just wanted.
I had a long's how I'm travelling.

  • Magazines: Remember that I am a self confessed magazine tragic. I have bought one magazine. One. This month's Country Style at the airport  last week.
  • Appliances: the kettle gave up the ghost about two days after I started the challenge (of course!) and it was dangerous to continue using it, so I had to buy a new one. I suppose I could have boiled water on the stove, but nah, that wasn't going to happen.
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories: Clothes ~ nil. Shoes ~ one pair of beaded thongs when I was in Bali for the princely sum of $8.33. Accessories ~ two beaded rings in Bali at about $2.50 each. I didn't buy a beautiful necklace there that cost $300. It was a close call!
  • Craft materials: some fabric to finish Ruby's quilt and some wool for the first born's crochet blanket. Alas neither of them are quite finished yet!
  • Anything decorative for my house: nope, not even a Buddha in Bali!
  • Linen and towels: that's another no. But I did buy a new ironing board cover the other day. Does that count?
  • Cosmetics: a bottle of duty free perfume on the way to Bali. Femme by Boss - 'tis very nice and one of my perfumes had run out so it was a replacement, sort of. Don't you think?
  • iPad applications: Blogpress. Well that's an essential for a blogging girl on the go isn't it??
  • Op shop purchases: haven't set foot in one for 53 days!
Pretty impressive don't you think?
What's that you say? What about books Kerry? Weren't they on your list too?
Ah, yes, well...I may have bought a few of those.
But I'm certainly not going to beat myself up about that. They are, and of course I knew this already, my one necessity. I have always answered "a book of course" whenever asked the question "what would you buy with your last $20?" 
Not that anyone's ever actually asked me that question, but that's hardly the point :) And I have been doing an awful lot of reading lately.
I feel really good about this challenge. I am most surprised by the fact that I'm not missing the magazines very much at all. I still have a subscription to Real Living and that's doing me nicely, and I'm not all that interested in going shopping. It's a bit of a revelation actually.
So I will continue until September 18th when my hundred days are up and then I'll see how I feel. I'm not even all that inclined to reward myself at this point, but I probably shouldn't speak too soon!
Has anyone else been on this challenge with me? How are you going with it?