with thoughts of Jane...

on Friday, December 17, 2010

Many of you will know by now that the awesome Jane from My Pear Tree House is fighting a big battle. The post she wrote [here] is one of the most brave and beautifully written pieces I've had the privilege to read. But of course it's more than that...Jane's post epitomises her grace, her sense of self, her care for others and her willingness to let us in on this...such a private battle. 
I wish Jane every bit of whatever it takes to get better. And I'm sending a Buddha image out in the hope that there is some serenity and tranquility to be gained by looking at it...and that before too long, the raindrops that look like tears will actually be tears of joy over a battle fought and won.
Please pop over to Jane's blog and give her your support if you haven't already had a chance to do that.