top ten pictures from the week ~14.12.10 (and a mad cat)

on Monday, December 13, 2010

OK. The madness of the vampire slayer is no longer in dispute. Nothing was going to dislodge her from her place...not even a posse of painters chucking drop sheets around with gay abandon. That cat is positively certifiable.
The house is in a complete state of mayhem. 
...all the bits and pieces of my living room are now shoved in various places in my bedroom or study.
In fact if one more thing has to go into the study I think I may be stuck in here forever...
...and the chandeliers, which were supposed to go up today but didn't...
...are currently on my bed! So amidst all of this madness, I didn't quite collect the required 10 pictures. Sorry about that. But here's a before of my living room at the end of day 1...the tiles are where the fireplace was and they should be coming out today...
Sorry it's not beautiful...yet! And there will be a full before and after once it's all done.
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I'll be drawing it on Thursday evening if I can find my way out from under the chandeliers!!