my creative space...using glass tiles

on Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hi everyone. I had a lovely day yesterday...experimenting...with these fabulously graphic kiln fired glass tiles. They were made by my gorgeous bloke. He let me rummage in a box of glass goodies he has tucked away and I found these...
and with the addition of these...
...and some adhesive...ta da! Groovy brooches.
That look good on white...and black (even better if I'd got rid of the fluff on that shirt!)
I'm still trying to get findings to make some into necklaces, but until then these will do...
And I'm going to order some glass and have a go myself with Richard's kiln...I'm sure he'll let me if I'm nice enough ;) 
In the meantime, there's a bit of dishcloth knitting going looks much more expensive looking when you photograph it in shadow don't you think :)
And I also made another coffee sack a slightly different pattern this time that shows off more of the detail... I really can't complain about my day.
You probably know the drill by you go over to Kootoyoo.