my weekend project ~ a babushka painting for a new baby...

on Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nat, a work colleague had her first baby a few weeks ago...Willow gorgeous is that. And...get this...she was born at 10 p.m. on the tenth of the tenth, 2010! Now that's impressive timing and I'm sure must be very lucky.
I wanted to do another 'like no other...' painting like the one I did for a friend's baby boy...that one was can see that and the explanation for why I went with 'like no other' here. But I thought...perhaps not cars for Willow, so...

...babushkas this time. Nat likes bold colours so I wanted a reasonable contrast between the first eight and then the ninth...the 'like no other' bushka babe! I hope the first eight aren't too pastel-ly, but the contrast is the point. I started by doing all the similar ones first, after a little trial run...and some lovely feedback from my Facebook page when I posted the beginnings...thank you Tina, Kim, Jane and Sharon! Oh, and the 22 year old thought it was ok too :)
The faces were the hardest bit...I'm sure at least one of these poor 'bushkas is cross-eyed...oh well :)
But all in all I'm quite happy with how it turned out..just need to frame it now. And I look forward to making some more.  Perhaps butterflies? Different coloured pencils? Flowers? Any ideas you clever blogsters?
Off to work...don't the weekends fly by, more's the pity!
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