our little mountain holiday ~ the scenery edition

on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello bloggy people...I'm back from my few days away...it went so quickly but was oh so lovely! Hope you enjoyed the food edition on Monday...we know how to eat that man and I...and as some of you pointed out...yes, I am lucky he loves to cook. He makes me wash up though, which hardly seems fair, especially seeing he's the messiest cook ever.  A bit more adoring on his part required I think. Really easy to adore this scenery though...
These views were only about a 500 metre walk from where we were staying...how spectacular are those mountains...called the Blue Mountains...because, well, they're blue...off there in the distance...perhaps not quite so blue right up close! Now, for educative purposes only...this is why they're called the Blue Mountains:
"The Blue Mountains is densely populated by oil bearing Eucalyptus trees. The atmosphere is filled with finely dispersed droplets of oil, which, in combination with dust particles and water vapour, scatter short-wave length rays of light which are predominantly blue in colour."

Now you get the idea... The next picture is of the famous Three Sisters...but a rear end view...their backsides you could say. Most people see them from Echo Point...the opposite side to this, but that vantage point is the most popular and we had this view almost entirely to ourselves.

Can you see the three lovelies...it's ok if you can't...I've numbered them for you...I'm so getting the hang of this photoshopping stuff (I don't know what all the fuss is about...it's not nearly as good as real shopping though, and quite a bit more complicated than Picnik which I have been using...this is the danger of having a bloke around who teaches Photoshop to his graphic design students and thinks you should know it as well!)
And for your further education, the three sisters are called that because:
"The Aboriginal dream-time legend has it that three sisters, 'Meehni', 'Wimlah' and Gunnedoo' lived in the Jamison Valley as members of the Katoomba tribe.
These beautiful young ladies had fallen in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe, yet tribal law forbade them to marry.
The brothers were not happy to accept this law and so decided to use force to capture the three sisters causing a major tribal battle.
As the lives of the three sisters were seriously in danger, a witchdoctor from the Katoomba tribe took it upon himself to turn the three sisters into stone to protect them from any harm. While he had intended to reverse the spell when the battle was over, the witchdoctor himself was killed. As only he could reverse the spell to  return the ladies to their former beauty, the sisters remain in their magnificent rock formation as a reminder of this battle for generations to come."
The best laid plans of witchdoctors hey? Don't say you don't learn stuff here!!
And what do you think it would be like to live here...you'd need a good back fence wouldn't you! A tumble down that hill could be a little inconvenient to say the least. Still working on how to do arrows...

Arty farty fern shot at the outdoor auditorium...very pretty place...

...and then there was the man-made scenery...this was a cute little art gallery...love the frames on the outside

The art wasn't great to be honest, but I did like this little vintage glass display...sitting next to the American Express display...which I moved (I put it back though, promise)
The cute painted chair in our bathroom...with the very 'unusual' painted floor finish.
..and even though it wasn't all that cold...we had to have a fire. There was a fireplace...it was begging to be lit...it was romantic...I used to be a girl guide...it called to me. And I will say no more about the romance factor...and I just bet you're REALLY glad about that!
Leura has the most beautiful array of little and not so little cottages...every time I go on holidays I get all restless and want to move somewhere new...buy a little old house...do it up...

...and there was certainly a lot of shopping scenery...but this is a sneaky back-room shot...I got glared at if I took the camera out in most places.

I actually didn't buy much in Leura apart from a candle and two fantastic fabric hangers that look a bit tribal weapon-ishy and could come in handy if anyone breaks in. Leura, unlike it's neighbouring suburb Katoomba is very 'well heeled' shall we say and the prices absolutely reflect that and its status as a tourist destination. Still, it was fun to look...and there may have been a slight detour via Ikea on the way home! So, a brief break done and dusted. Short on time...long on relaxation. Blessed I am.
All images by me. Factual information (as opposed to my nonsense) is from here