I'm game ~ the 6th photo

on Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My lovely, lovely bloggy friend Kerri with an 'i' ...she can't help it poor thing :)...from Driftwood Interiors, has nominated me to play this bloggy tag game where...as you probably all know by now...you have to post your 6th blog photo and take a stroll down memory lane with it and talk about your inspiration. As it wasn't all that long ago...my pre-menopausal blonde brain may just be able to tackle this one!
I can take much better photos now with my new Canon PowerShot by the way...and boy has my bedroom changed since then...but I know you'll forgive the poor quality of this one...as it was from a blog post titled Valentine Schmalentine! I was ranting merely expressing my opinion that Valentine's Day was far too commercial and could plunge into the realms of tacky if not carefully managed...and that I was neither a fan of it or of long stemmed red roses (sorry!) 
However...before I get hoist on the romance petard (what is a petard anyway??)...ooh, ooh...meticulous research Google tells me that:
BACK IN THE DAY, military engineers used to blast castle door and walls with a liftable mine, called (in French) a petard. To get hoisted by your own petard is to shoot yourself in the foot; get flung by your own catapult; trapped by the trap you set for another. 
So there you go...doesn't look very pleasant does it?
And now we have not one, but two very bad photos in this post...way to go Kez!
Sorry, where was I? In that post I did tell you all (not that anyone was reading then except those who are still in my will) that the MGM (he of the lovingly cooked beef pho)...
...had plucked a lovely rose from his garden on the two nights preceding Valentine's Day and brought those over to the tranquil townhouse. Awwww....and I still think that's so much nicer and a much more loving gesture than any Valentine's Day box of chocolates could ever be. And there they are in that photo, preserved forever. Happy place!
Now, I have to nominate others for this pleasure opportunity to not have to think up a new post for at least a minute...so I would like to have a sticky-beak please at the 6th photos of...
Jackie from Home
The Moerks from Let's Go Moerkabout
Stephenie from Decorating Addiction
Jules from the Diversion Project 
(Jules and I have spoken and I know she can't play at the moment because of work pressures but I wanted to mention her blog anyway because I just love it to bits!)
Rachael from A Room for Everyone

I do realise that you might not want to do this/have already done it/don't have time for it/think it's a complete and utter load of codswollop...so if you don't want to that is completely/utterly/majorly ok with me! 
But thank you Kerri for helping me relive the loveliness that is my bloke...not that I need too much reminding!