i think i've created a monster

on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well look who it is...Buffy the Vampire Slayer as seen on Desire to Inspire's Monday's Pets on Furniture ...
She looks quite fierce in this photo doesn't she...I chose that one on purpose just so you'd see her true colours. See how the claw is curled ready to strike, and the tail's been flicking, showing off her temperament...and that glare! She would turn the Medusa to stone with that look she would.  The first born wanted me to use this shot of her...

but I was having none of that...she looks decidely un-slayer like here...and I know that's just a trick designed to lull the unwary into striking range of her paw or jaw. That cat is sneaky.
And I have to tell you...this new-found blog celebrity has gone right to her feline head! 
No longer will the Woolies Select brand cat food do for her majesty...oh no...now with her imagined celebrity status, it's this or nothing...

oh yeah...garnish and all.  Next thing I'll have to dismantle the courtyard (precious painted pergola and all!) and put in a trout stream...not that she would deign to actually do anything that involved any effort.
I'm waiting to get a demand for this next...

...perhaps the caviar, without the side of vodka...although nothing would surprise me about that cat...she has been walking with a decided tilt to starboard lately.
I could see myself purchasing something like this for her though...only because I like it...don't want you to think I'm getting soft or anything.

Do go and check out the pet post though...there are lots of really nice animals over there that you won't find here!
slayer images by me; others from here

p.s. the ghastly colour on my walls has to go...all ideas gratefully accepted!