easter 'decorating' ~ not really!

on Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eddie Ross does festive decorating...big time.  This setting may not be for Easter but if it isn't it should be. There are eggs...case closed.
I don't 'do' festive decorating...not much anyway. You should have heard the carry-on a few Christmases ago when I did a Christmas 'tree' in a huge glass vase...you know lots of sprayed silver branches and beautiful baubles a-dangling. Those ferals gorgeous young adults of mine were less than impressed! But of course, last Christmas when I put up the very classy black tree with all the silver baubles and the twinkling fairy lights, did they lift a finger to help, or even provide lots of ooh and aaah noises...oh no they did not. Out of the will they are!
Lucky I live alone is all I can say! Well I do get visits from the MGM and then of course there's the vampire slayer, but she's had far too much publicity this week as it is, so no more mentions of her. Ever.
Anyhooo...I thought given that everyone seems to be posting Easter pics, I'd better get in on the act too.  So here is my feeble attempt at Easter 'decorating'...don't fall about laughing, ok? It's Easter...there are rabbits and a couple of chocolate eggs...close enough!
I do appreciate that my attempts may disappoint some of you...so here are some beautiful eggs that might lift your spirits...right back up where they belong!  

One might conclude from these that I don't do 'subtle'....hmmm...probably right about that.
So, have a wonderful break everyone. I'm planning on doing a great deal of absolutely nothing. Peace and blessings dear bloggy people...and if you're travelling...make sure you travel safe.
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