style...but what style?

on Monday, March 29, 2010

You know I love a little quizlet...especially when I have no clue what the result in this quiz I found through Chinoserie Chic.
Apparently my style is 60% Nantucket, 30% traditional country and 10% modern elegant...whatever all of that means...and does that make me completely mixed up!
I did actually like some things about this picture below that apparently typifies my style....well not according to the last quiz I did which pegged me as Oriental Boho or some such. This one is meant to be beachy, meets country, meets elegant? It's quite white isn't it? Love white...just too afraid to do it...clumsy!
The things I like about this room are...the persian carpet (phew-ee..there's the oriental connection)...I have a couple of those... but not red ones...although I would like a red one for my study to match my red IKEA shelf...and my red notice boards...and my red chinese cabinet...would that be a red overdose do you think?
The squishy sofas...yep got two quite like those, except mine are not white...they have yellow slipcovers...and they are oh-so comfy...I will never part with them (that comment was for you MGM!)
The ottoman I am definitely in favour of...or as my good friend Chris and I like to call them...the ottoperson...politically correct we are! Chris and I made an ottoperson once from scratch...frame and's in my living room...I'll show it to you's cool! But not white either.
I like that coffee table, except I'm always bemused by coffee tables that you can't easily reach out and put on...or that nice cold refreshing chardonnay...or, as it's getter colder here...a good old Bundy and coke (if you've never had a Bundaberg rum you haven't lived bloggy people). 
I love the beams and the french doors.  I have beams (they're not white either but I really want them to be) but no french doors...bit sad about that...maybe next time.
However...can't stand the bookcase (and I LOVE books...why aren't there more books in there..that might have made a difference). Now THIS is a bookcase...and look... another ottoperson...
or this...don't you want that globe and mirror as well?

from Living etc and Apartment Therapy
And the chandeliers...always have

image from here did that white room sneak in there!
So that leaves us with...buggered if I know...I always thought Nantucket was a place! Pop on over blossoms and give this one a go...and if you turn out Nantucket as well...let me know what it means will you?
top image from here