new shop: LivedIn Coogee...

on Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last week I followed a link on Shannon Fricke's blog to a fabulous shop called LivedIn Coogee. Since the 100 day don't buy anything I don't really need challenge I set myself finished, and my habits changed a little, I don't do an enormous amount of shopping. I do some of course. I'm not silly! But I was intrigued by Vanessa's story...she'd done a Shannon Fricke workshop (as had I) and she went on to open her own shop (as I most definitely did not!). You can read about it here on Shannon's blog.
Anyway, long story short...not living in Sydney, I couldn't go to the actual shop so I hopped over to the online shop and immediately fell in love with this...
I am a kaftan girl from way back...oh yes I am :)
I whipped out the credit card, ordered, three days later it was delivered to the office, wore it out that night...many happy shopper! As I emailed to Vanessa, "I am totally in love with it. I can wear it as a dress or over trousers. It's so versatile and comfortable."
This is the only item of clothing in the online store at the moment, but check out the lovely homewares you'll find there. I was a bit in love with this, but alas it's sold...pout. 
Vanessa has a lovely blog too. You should check it out