this week's top ten...

on Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'll be honest...
I haven't been overly inspired this week
Couldn't seem to find all that many images that made me stop in my tracks.
To be fair though,
I may not have expended much effort looking this week
I spent a great deal of time in the garden on saturday and sunday
and had what amounted to an almost screen free weekend
it's good to do that from time to time don't you think?
On the plus side, my mammoth gardening effort means the honeysuckle is now kaput, and the jasmine has been released from its evil clutches and can now do it's own perfumed thing :)
In important news, mum's op has been rescheduled for the 24th. Fingers crossed it happens this time :)
And in news of the trivial kind, I'm thinking of buying this chair.
images seen on: belle maison; the diversion project; ish and chi; abigail ahern; dust jacket; the veda house; sarah tuttle on absolutely beautiful things; the style files; the home in paradise; matt blatt