exhibitions from the foto biennale...

on Thursday, September 1, 2011

The lovely Rachael left me a comment  the other day saying 'you do love your exhibitions!'. And it's true...I do. I definitely do.
brian duffy - jean shrimpton
While we didn't get close to seeing all 72 exhibitions when we went to the Foto Biennale in Ballarat a few weeks ago, we did manage a few. There was a brilliant retrospective of Brian Duffy, who died last year and was almost as famous as his famous subjects...
brian duffy - ziggy stardust
The next is by one of Richard's portfolio reviewers Cynthia Karalla...
We met the next photographer Heather Dinas when we were having breakfast at the Bibo cafe. She was lovely. Just as an aside, Richard chose 'the dog's breakfast' from the menu!
heather dinas - i carry your heart
 heather dinas - at your feet
heather dinas - lucretia
The next one by Judith Crispin, who is also a poet really captivated me...
 judith crispin - self diptych
judith crispin - soliloquy
judith crispin - afternoon of the cartographer
...and while I was looking at them I had a discussion with a photographer who'd also been having her work reviewed, about how I thought it was the height of laziness for an artist to label an image 'untitled'. And then she told me that's what she did! But she was very good about it and promised to think about what I'd said and why I thought titles were so important. I wonder if she went off muttering to herself about ill informed, amateur art critics! Probably. But, you know, it's all about the words for me, and how they can enhance the visual. Although I do concede that it's probably very easy to get it wrong.
Love, love, love these next ones by Lisa M Robinson. It's not often that the bloke I and agree on art, but we did with these from the Snowbound series...
 lisa m robinson - phantom
 lisa m robinson - verandah view
 lisa m robinson - running fence
lisa m robinson - echo
alfred 'greg' gregory - blackpool
There's still a few more weeks of the festival. Or if you can't get there, plenty of images on the website.
What do you think - titled or untitled?
Have a great weekend whatever it is you're doing...I might just go to another exhibition :))