I went to ballarat...

on Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hi there friends. I've been a bit absent I know, but I've been popping in and out of bloggy world whenever there's been a chance. I wouldn't want you to think it's been complete neglect. No, not at all.
One of the reasons for my absence was a lovely four day break in Ballarat. Although to be precise it was one day driving there, two days in situ and another day getting home. It's a long way between Canberra and Ballarat, it is indeed!
We went for the Foto Biennale. Richard was having his portfolio reviewed so I went along for the ride...and yes, he got some great feedback and encouragement to carry on. Yes, very pleased about that :)
But oh the irony, here we were in a lovely town for a photo festival and I hardly took any snaps. This meagre offering is it I'm afraid. 
Oh well. Next time. And maybe I'll show you some of my favourite works from the 72 exhibitions in another post. Yes I will. Hold me to that. There was some very fine stuff and it's definitely worth looking at.