top ten pictures from the week ~ 5 July 11

on Monday, July 4, 2011

I hope you didn't think I'd given up these top ten posts. I haven't.
I know you like them. I do too.
by janis, pinecone camp
But life's funny. It has a way of sneaking up, surprising you, and taking you in a different direction.
Case in point: I took three unread interiors magazines with me to the Writers' retreat in Bali (please note previously self confessed magazine addiction)
seen on belle maison
And I only discovered when I got home and unpacked, that they were right where I'd packed them in the bottom of the carry-on. Untouched.
seen on mfamb
I hadn't given them a thought. 
seen on savvy home 
And they're still unread. They've been dumped for Janette Turner Hospital (this week at least), my every day morning pages writing exercise a la Julia Cameron, and plotting and planning...
I feel like I don't know myself any more...
seen on belclaire house
But I'm quite liking this new, focused, contented person.
The  zen is still with me ;)
Who'd have thought!