my creative space: one use for a broken teacup!

on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I feel this is somewhat of a fraudulent 'my creative space' this week as it involves nothing more than a bit of glue...but sorry, it's all I've got!
When I was helping my friend Susan move out of her rented townhouse so that she could go and babysit another friend's home while they were having the annual five month stint at their other place in the south of France...phew, did you get all that? Good. How jealous are you? Me? I'm an unattractive shade of green...
Anyway, while the chandelier fairy and I were helping clean and pack (and to be completely fair, a lot of it had already been done), I accidentally broke one of Susan's teacups...
She was very good about it (and quite right since I'd just cleaned the bathroom for her!)...I know you're reading Susan, and I know you know I'm joking :)
So I took it home and fixed it (but not brilliantly as you can see!) and I'm using it to hold the garlic...ok, so not hugely creative, especially seeing I stole the whole 'garlic in a teacup' idea from the first born's house, but... least it's useful again. Gotta love that. From dim-witted clumsiness to garlic holder. Even a chilli repository from time to time. And cheap...really cheap. Friendship still intact as well :)
For a much more interesting post, you can read about my friend Susan's sea change and see her house by the coast here...and then go and see a whole lot of creative spaces here. There'll be more than glue involved I'm sure!
all photos by me