my easter promise...

on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have made a promise to myself...
[i know this picture has no relevance except that it has the word 'promise' in it...but I loved I used it]

that over the easter/anzac day break...
I will do a couple of things.
No. 1 - some serious navel gazing. I overwhelm myself with stuff, things I 'have' to do, obligations to others, wanting to try a whole heap of things, saying yes when I should say no, thinking I can fit in more than is reasonable or know how it goes don't you? I need a better plan. Scrap that...better plan implies I already have one. I just need a plan full stop!
No. 2 - some serious reading time. I've been neglecting my reading. Which feels like cutting off my right arm. I have a pile of unread magazines I can't jump over. Many still in their plastic wrappers. Seriously. That's just ludicrous. And a stack of books that taunt me every time I look at them. READ ME they yell!
[my pile is much bigger than this but not as pretty]
So, when the break is over I will come back to you with my I'm going to make my life easier, more productive, less challenging, more fulfilling, less manic, more organised, less ...
And if you believe that you might quite possibly be the easter bunny :)
I'm going to try though. It'll be good to give it a go.
A very happy easter break to everyone...and bless xx
Hope someone gives me some chocolate :)
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