a cyclamen from the farmers market...

on Sunday, April 17, 2011

I don't often go to the Farmers Market near my house...goodness knows why...it's a two minute drive away on a Sunday morning.
It's probably precisely because it's a sunday morning that I don't!
I did this week though...as you can see. A pretty $4 cyclamen and $2 pots of coriander and baby spinach.
I bought vegetables and a venison, porcini and hazelnut pate too. Eaten before photographed. Sorry about that. And I'm very partial to an ice bucket plant holder. And garden urns used as ice buckets now that I think about it :)
I'm linking this retrospectively (I do hope that's allowed) to Sarah's link party...good life Wednesday. Because what's better than a $4 cyclamen...except of course, a free one!