see ya...I'm off!

on Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well bloggy is the day. Hope it's a flight in this groovy one...but I suspect not :)

And depending what time you're reading this...I'll either be:
a. running around like a chook with its head cut off trying to get out of the door and make it to the airport on time;
b. rummaging in my bag making sure I've got the essentials: passport, credit card, phone and iPad...because after all what else could I possibly need where I'm going;
c. in the air on planes of various types and size;
d. navigating my way around different airports...two out of four that are completely foreign to me (pun intended!); or
e. several of the above.
This first week, while I'm working in Washington...(and earning my right to the second week swanning about in NYC)
...I won't be posting but I've left the virtual townhouse in the very kind and capable hands of these lovely people:

City girl, country girl, coastal girl...clever travelling metaphor huh? Thanks. I thought so :) Watch out for their posts. I'm so grateful that they've taken time out of their very busy lives to do this, and you'll be pleased to know I've resisted the urge to throw in a few wisecracks in their posts...they would have been at my expense of course, but still! I'm sure you'll be as lovely to them as you always are to me. Hopefully I'll have some time this week to pop into your blogs...but it sort of depends on how hard the Yanks make me work :)
See you when I get to New York (in my head it's always, but always said like Oprah would say it!)