guest post by lona de in the city!

on Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello fellow Bloggers...this is Anna from Lona de Anna here...filling in for Kerry while she is away.
I was so flattered when Kerry asked me to do a guest post whilst she is travelling around NYC...jealous? betcha!
But I am hoping that this guest post will entice you all to come visit this beautiful Country/City of Sydney if have never been...or for my fellow Aussies out there who haven't visited in a long time...time to book your next weekend getaway ! :)
I decided to share "MY" favourite spots in Sydney...the places that truly make me smile and appreciate this glorious City of Ours.

A little history...Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the largest and most popular city in Australia. Sydney has a reputation as an international centre for commerce, arts, fashion, culture, entertainment, music, education and tourism. 

What I love about Sydney is that it is very Cosmopolitan, vibrant and multicultural, the City of Sydney itself is made up of a series of localities, each with its own unique character.

Now I could easily go on and on and take up at least 8 - 10 posts just covering ALL the amazing places to visit in Sydney...but today I am going to be covering just the City Central itself in to me its the heartbeat of this beautiful city.
One of my favourite places to shop is at the Queen Victoria Building in the Sydney CBD..otherwise known as the QVB on George St.

Travelling to work...I walked in and out of this building twice a day ..5 days a week.. for 5 years and I never got tired of appreciating the elaborate Romanesque architecture of this building..its intricate tiled floors and art deco-style tearoom contrast with the wide aisles and floor-to-ceiling glass of the city's modern retail centres. Originally built as a concert hall, the QVB is a beautiful mix of old and new and is now accommodated by many Designer fashion boutiques coffee shops, and a wide variety of tradespeople such as hairdressers , florists, tailors, bakeries etc....A truly unique place to visit, especially if you have an appreciation of history and architecture.
Another place in Sydney where a beautiful mix of old and new is most evident is at The Rocks.
The Rocks is located at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is one of the oldest and most historical areas of the city. A diverse residential and business community where public housing tenants reside alongside ad agencies and historic pubs rub shoulders with modern art galleries. Every weekend the cobbled streets are filled with the aroma of artisan breads as The Rocks Market recaptures the spirit of traditional public markets.(  
This place is close to my heart as its where we lived during my teen years when growing up...and every time I go back there and visit I make sure I enjoy one of my all time  favourite things we used to do during the summer....Enjoying a delicious corn on the cob! YUM!
Now if you want to enjoy the best beer garden in the world the Opera bar offers the most amazing views of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the city skyline itself.
For me its the perfect Sydney destination to meet friends for drinks or to enjoy a quick meal before a show, all with the best backdrop in Sydney. Adding  to the scenery at the Opera bar is the live music nightly and Jazz on weekend afternoons; it’s difficult to find a better venue in Sydney to drink or dine..I absolutely LOVE this place and have experienced some of my best Friday Nights and Sunday afternoon's here simply enjoying a refreshing white , great company and listening to smooth jazz...Awesome!
Another beautiful spot to visit is the Royal Botanical Gardens; just south of Sydney Harbour lies a sprawling 30 Hectares of green.
A place of such natural beauty where people come to visit for peace and relaxation during their lunch break..or to learn more about Australian plants and horticulture. The gardens are often a very popular place for hiring for weddings ceremonies, filming and photography, indoor and outdoor events etc.
Another spot that is close to my heart as it is where Mr White and I shared a romantic picnic, at Mrs Macquarie's Chair.. a rock formation on the point of the harbour of the best spots to take a picture of Sydney if you want to have breathtaking views of the Opera House and the harbour Bridge in one.

So there you have favourite parts of Sydney! 
Of course I could go add so many more to this list...but to me ..these beautiful spots really encompass all the things I think Sydney is all about..Buzzing with Natural Beauty and History.
Thank you Kerry and fellow bloggers for having me..this was a fun post to do...and now has me craving corn on the cob again ; )