flowers, a little painting project...and blogging friends doing it for the floods

on Friday, January 14, 2011

I finally picked the last of the sweet peas yesterday, pulled out the bushes and planted some tomatoes...probably too late, but with this weather who in the heck would know! 
My gardenias have been going gang busters and the roses aren't too shabby either...not bad for such a little space and I am enjoying them on the coffee table.  I managed to get my butt out from its perch in front of the tv yesterday and start a little painting.  You know how it is...if you can't have a real one, you paint a pretend one...:))
And for the real crochet deal, head on over to the very wonderful Tina's and buy one of her beautiful garlands with all proceeds from January sales going to the flood appeals.
I'm very much hoping she has hot pink cotton somewhere in her stash! 
And if that's not enough, one of my other BBFFs Kerri at Driftwood Interiors is offering the proceeds from January sales of the awesome prints in her Etsy shop as well...which artwork to choose...that's the question??
And...even more, gorgeous Janette from My Sweet Prints and her assistant Will are offering 10% of profits from sales over the next two here. Here's a sample...
I love these girls :)
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
image 1 and 2 by a tranquil townhouse; image 3 by Tina; image 4 by Kerri with an 'i'; image 5 by Janette