a gift for Buffy...or the kindness of people you haven't yet met

on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few weeks ago after I posted a picture of the vampire slayer with her infamous red luggage tag hanging around her neck, Rachael of the beautiful blog A Room for Everyone emailed and said she could stand it no longer and was buying Buffy a new tag. I said "Really? You really want to do that? She's a horrible cat you know!" or words to that effect.
But sure enough, this wonderful, generous, kind hearted blogging friend did just that! And it's Buffy bling...and I love it to bits! And just quietly I think the slayer does too :)

Here she is modelling her gorgeous new tag (and of course I had to go and get her a new collar befitting of the glamour, as the other one was decidedly tatty)
And Rachael also included a lovely, gorgeously wrapped and very thoughtful gift for me...
...a beautiful handmade notebook which will be put to very good use. Oh yes it certainly will.
So thank you Rachael...your kindness and generosity has overwhelmed me.
And thank-you...all of you...for the most wonderful 10 months of blogging friendship. I continue to be amazed by your genuine interest in others, your care and concern when things go pear shaped, your willingness to support and nurture ideas or dreams. The things you write, make, bake and create are a constant source of inspiration...I want to be just like all of you when I grow up :)
I'm going to walk away from the computer for a little while now while I'm in Newcastle with my parents, but I'll see you sometime in the New Year. So I'll let Ben's wonderful graphic say...
Love to you and yours from me and mine. And if you're travelling...stay safe xx