news flash...there's a graphic designer in the (town) house

on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The 22 year old's graduating class exhibition was on last night. Two years of hard slog, and Ben is about to have an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design in his creative hands. I'm very, very proud of him. And he's proud of him too...which is even better :)
If you facebook with me you'll have seen this silhouette already. I'm thinking of getting it blown up and will look fabulous in my newly painted living room...Tiny's team starts 13 December bloggy peeps...bit excited about that!
But I digress. I really wanted to show you some more of Ben's (school) work...I think it's pretty spesh...motherly bias aside...

It hasn't been easy; he's done it while working, supporting himself...and for the last 7 months living with me...not that I'm saying living with me isn't easy! Nope...easy street more like it!   
I think this made up paint chart booklet thing is really great...

So there you go! Did I mention that I was proud!
So, well done are a wonderful human being and I'm so happy for you and your terrific achievement...and for keeping going even when it got a bit tough. 
Now you just need to get a job and pay me some rent! :)
Anyone need a graphic designer??