my creative space...starting's easy!

on Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No-one could accuse me of not giving things a go! Not starting is not the issue...
It's the finishing that may be slightly just consider all of these a work in they say. After a rather uninspiring attempt at a watercolour earlier this week, I gave it another go...something much simpler this's getting there...
Then there's the granny square rug...the squares are all I just have to sew them together. The first born will get it just in time for summer!! Bet she's thrilled about that!
I've been experimenting with a bit of tapestry (or is it needlepoint)...and what's the difference anyway! You've seen this one before. I have to make it into a little door hanger thingy. The other one will probably end up sewn into something or other...
I think I'm going to frame this one when it's finished. Not sure about the heart but I love the background...I was quite pleased with that.
But this next the very early stages...I do know what this is destined to become! I think it'll be quite swish if it works out the way I want it to...fingers and toes crossed bloggy peeps. 
I may have rather a short attention span I suspect!
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