my creative space...some finished things!

on Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If you Facebook with me you'll know that I had big plans for yesterday, but I think we know by now that nothing I try ever ends up being straightforward. But yesterday I did manage to get some things done...

I am completely in love with my tapestry cube pincushion and I'm just enjoying it on the coffee table for the moment. Or throwing it at the vampire slayer when she gets annoying! Which is often. Don't worry, it's soft :) This is what it started out like..
My friend Chris said it looks like a whole lot of mini persian rugs...exactly what I was aiming for!!
The A4 watercolour has found a home in an IKEA frame from my weekend in Sydney...alas, it can't be hung until I've finished painting the bedroom!

And what was meant to be a little makeup purse made from oilcloth...
ended up being made from cotton and lined with the oilcloth instead (which comes from Simone's shop by the way).  It's ok...I need to perfect a few things before I make some more, but it's useable I think!

Off on a flying visit to Sydney for a few hours today. While I'm doing that why don't you head over to Kirsty's...and see what the crafting geniuses have been up to...that's where I'll be going when I get home :)

p.s. I was meant to be making cushions!
all images by me...