the ranamok glass art prize in Canberra...

on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Canberra really is a great place. 
And it's an especially great place for glass art.
... with the world class Canberra Glassworks that has been built in the old Kingston powerhouse...
This is where practising glass artists and amateurs alike come to create. 
I've done a couple of courses here and I love it.
It's also where the Ranamok prize finalists' works are exhibited for several weeks each year. 
That's what you've been looking at.
My friend Susan and I went a few weekends ago and if you're in Canberra it's on until 23 September.

when you see pieces like these you understand why glass art is so expensive...

but so completely worth it...
as long as there aren't a bunch of kiddly-winks running around the house!
My photos don't do these beautiful art works justice, so here's the link to the Ranamok prize site...for Australian and New Zealand contemporary glass artists. Do yourself a favour as they say!!
all images by me, with permission of the Glassworks (they're good like that!)