my creative space...the bayeux it's not

on Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have to confess I didn't do much on my creative day yesterday...just a few stitches...

On this...a tapestry I started a while ago. When the 22 year old saw me drag it out of storage he said 'about time started that 20 years ago'. Honestly, that child couldn't have been more than 10!

I found the pattern in a (now) ancient magazine and started it because it reminded me of a lovely black and white cat called Licorice we had back then. Unfortunately she died which made us all very sad. And we were left with this...
Just as I better in black and white. And yes, I do know that when Buffy goes to cat heaven I'll probably be sad. Probably. This is for you Edith. For someone so cultured, your affection for the vampire slayer has me completely bemused!
And, lest you think I have been neglecting the first born's crocheted rug...this lovely box I bought a few weeks ago is now full of squares...
...only 15 13 white ones left to make. Then I have to figure out how to put them all together. I'm sure the bloggy world will have the answer! But lest I think I'm getting ever so clever, I saw these bits of textile and embroidery deliciousness on The Selby yesterday...oh how I wish!
Go and check the house out as well. Bohemian heaven. 
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