scenes from eat, pray, love...a movie I must see (and a few of my travel pics thrown in)

on Monday, August 2, 2010

One of the disadvantages of living in this land down under is having to wait extra months until some (alright then, most) movies appear. Unfortunately this is the case for this...waiting, waiting, waiting until October 7. October...that's ludicrous! I do believe it's very soon for you lot 'over there'. When you see it please tell me you love it. Major jealousy I know...unattractive, but unavoidable.
Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favourite books. In fact I'd say 2nd favourite on my list of all time favourites...and I've read a that is high praise...even though I am of course, a very long way from being a literary critic! Did I mention I've read it three times? And I keep on having to buy new copies because I loan mine and forget who I've given it to. Elizabeth would love me if she knew me!
And as I've said before I am a huge admirer of Elizabeth Gilbert. Julia Roberts not so much, but hey...I do think she's been well cast in this (at least I'm desperately hoping so).
I'm looking forward to this movie for two reasons. 
1: I loved the book so much and although books are sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) massacred when they appear on the screen, I have high hopes for this one. I am a perennial optimist.
2: I've been to Italy, India and Bali...just like Gilbert, albeit in very different circumstances, so I can't wait to get my fill of the landscapes of these countries once more, even if it's just virtual. 

All very different, but all very beautiful in their own way. 

And as I haven't been able to travel for a little while, this will have to satisfy me for a bit longer.
Alas, I haven't made it to New York...but I will. One day.
It all looks glorious doesn't it?
Here's a couple of collages of photos I took on a trip to India and Nepal in 2007/08...too long ago! But there is nothing like travel to remind us how incredibly privileged we are don't you think...we tend to forget sometimes.
Real people...real places. History, heartache and hope.
all movie stills from here