my creative space...a painting that involved biting off more than I could chew!

on Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yes, well...I said I was going to paint this...a gorgeous photo taken by Chania.
And I did...well, more accurately, I am. MUCH more difficult than I thought, which I am stubbornly putting down to the fact that it's been at least five years since I tried a 'serious' painting. Refusing to admit that I'm no artist!
I've taken a bit of 'artistic' licence as you can see (I added more rope after not one, but two people said they couldn't recognise it as a boat when it was like this..). Sheesh...everyone's a critic! Knitting dishcloths is much easier!
...but I am at the stage where I really can't stand the sight of it, and luckily back to work for two days means I can't do anymore for the moment anyway. Perhaps I'll be more enthusiastic come the weekend.
Thursdays are normally 'top ten' days, but because Wednesday is my non-work (aka stay at home and be creative) day, I've decided that each Thursday I will link up to Kootoyoo's fabulous my creative space meme. I've been ogling her site and others of her ilk for ages now. Do go and have a look at the real talent over there.
So from next week the top ten will be on Tuesdays, reserving Monday for 'my weekend project' posts. This is the only sure-fire way to ensure that I get off my butt and do something other than read on Saturday and Sunday. You lot keep me honest! Speaking of reading, I finished another book and the review can be found here.
Feedback from proper artists and art critics of the amateur variety gratefully accepted...I'm not giving up just yet!