cheap ideas from BHG

on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BHG = Better Homes and Gardens...a daggy mag to be sure...but here's a few good ideas from their website...
Stretching fabric around the panels in cabinet doors...requiring a small amount of fabric and a staple machine thing...preferably electric...and careful aim... 
Door knob coat will need door knobs, a drill and wall plugs...then all you've got to do is get the ferals gorgeous kiddlywinks to hang their stuff there...could work on the back of a door that's a novel idea...door knobs on doors!
Framed tea towel...look at that dopey bird...

goodness me...I already did all about it here if you haven't's mildly amusing (and you'll be pleased to know I've got a better camera now and have learnt a thing or twenty-two about taking photos)
Group clear glass bottles, jars, vases together with or without flowers. OK, I'm almost sure this wasn't wholly and solely THEIR idea...but it does look pretty nice doesn't it?

Hang some plates on the wall... granny but...bless me...if I haven't done that as well...even if one plate is now a can read about that little saga here...(notice how I'm giving you these links just in case that little linkedwithin gadget doesn't know what it's doing and because I like to get a little extra mileage out of my posts as they usually take so bloody long for me to compose!)
And last but not least, BHG tells us we should make our sinks sparkle-arkly with Gumption. Not pretty...but practical!

So, does reading Better Homes and Gardens officially make me a dag? I suspect there a helpline for that do you know?!? A 1300 number I can call??
[n.b. for overseas bloggy peeps not familiar with the word dag; in this context it's used as a term of endearment and not given its literal meaning...that, believe me, you do not want to know!]

all images from here; they're claiming you can do all of these things for less than $20...and I suspect they're right! Although not if you were to count the cost of my labour...nothing, but nothing is ever that straightforward at the tranquil townhouse!