I'm such a lucky duck

on Friday, April 30, 2010

I've had an embarrassment of riches since I started blogging. Mostly the lovely friendships made and inspirations gathered out of the blogosphere...but I've also scored a few give-aways as well...which makes me feel very lucky.
I've already shown you these fabulous coasters from A-M won at the launch of her wonderful new Cape Cod Designs blog. 
And then yesterday in the mail came these beautiful cards from Nellie at McCarthy Designs...who's off on a wonderful holiday in New Zealand as I type. I can't wait to see the photos from that trip if these cards are anything to go by.
And blow me down with the proverbial feather, last night I won this gorgeous Buyster Rovan ball lamp from Charlotta at Space for Inspiration...which is going off to live with the first born...who I know will love it...as she has a thing for lamps. Have no idea where she might have got that from!!

I feel really lucky and very blessed, so thank you so much to these wonderful women, who all have something in common...they're super nice (and I'm one of those people who think 'nice' is a compliment not an insult!); they are very stylish, and like all the best people in this bloggy world...they share. Not just design, but themselves as well...and that I really like.  So...if you haven't been to their sites, scoot over there right now and introduce yourself...I'm sure they'd love it. And so would I.
Now...I'm off to do some more on silver leafing that chair of mine...I should have just stuck to listening to a Silverchair CD quite frankly! Is this a tedious project? Oh yes...I'm afraid it is!
p.s. Ben had a lovely birthday yesterday and wanted me to say thank you to everyone for their kindness. His words "wow mum, those people are really nice aren't they?"...oh yes, you are :)