family and the start of a project

on Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 3 of a long weekend which alas must be spent doing some real work...but that's ok...the last two days were lovely with my grown-up kids both here and their dad (my ex) visiting with his family. His daughter stayed over with her big brother and sister last night as well so that was nice. And for those who've been wondering...yes, our dinner on saturday night was a great success...but no...they wouldn't let me post photos of them...well the first-born wouldn't and she's not one to be messed with I can tell you!! Love you Jess :) So a few photos of the table setting will have to you can see I didn't actually go was casual after all...didn't want to look like I was trying too hard...obviously achieved that. In my defence, I did use the good china and crystal!
The soon to be 22 year old sang us some of the music he writes after dinner...he's very clever and very talented.  Strictly speaking he didn't say I couldn't post a photo of him (probably because I may not have actually asked) so if this photo disappears at some'll know I've been caught out!
and of course it's not an event without the vampire slayer now is it...looking docile...ha!
Sorry about the slight fuzziness of the pictures, although I am amazed that my new camera takes indoor night time shots without the flash on!
Next day, as promised...I made ANZAC biscuits. They're easy to make, but honestly it would have been just as easy to pop down to the shops and buy some from Woollies...but a bit of guilt tripping goes a loooong way (i.e. mum, whenever my friends go home for a visit their mothers bake for them...sigh) here they are cooling...
...and here they are being carried to the table by the first born...this I was allowed to post because you can't really see her...she's so beautiful too. day!
Yesterday I started on this project and wished I hadn't...

This is...without doubt...the...most...tedious project I've been dumb, confident brave enough to try.  Why oh why didn't I go for something with flat surfaces for my first attempt at silver leafing hmmm??? It may be a while before you see this finished dear bloggy people...but I'm banking on it being pretty flash once it is!

Ok, must must must go off now and do some work. Hope you all have a lovely start to your week.
all images good, bad and indifferent by me.