pear art ~ i saw the real deal

on Saturday, March 27, 2010

A few days ago I posted about my fetish love for pears...and apparently quite a few of you are similarly addicted...stylish things you are! Well...get this...I managed to fight my way through the madding (or should I say maddening) crowd to the National Gallery of Australia's blockbuster of an exhibition and saw this peary perfection there...
A Cezanne still life, thank ya very much...that man clearly liked pears as the flesh, the realest of real deals...even if it was over the heads of a gazillion other people...these are the times when I'm especially grateful that I'm tall.
There were some other extraordinary pieces there...not involving are a few of my favourites...
Albert Besnard...Madame Roger Jourdain

This was stunning...took my breath away...the dress was like you could reach in and feel the fabric...well of course you couldn't because those nice looking guards would come and take you away to somewhere dark and dingy if you tried. Apparently Madame was a scandalous lady...and a bit fond of the morphine! 
Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night (like you didn't already know!)

Vincent van Gogh Imperial crown fritillaries in a copper heard of a fritillary...nope, me either...but I really loved this one

Vilhelm Hammershoi Rest...perfect for the tranquil townhouse don't you think?

Maurice Denis Young women at the lamp...I loved this one to bits...those girls would be bloggers today for sure

Pierre Bonnard Checked shirt (portrait of Madame Claude Terrasse at twenty)...bit young to be a madame don't you think??  Bonnard was influenced by a retrospective of Japanese prints when he painted that bit of info from the exhibition book...which at $39.95 was a complete bargain...296 pages of post-impressionism art education in one handy 'beside-your-bed, flick through it before a dinner party so you appear to know what you're talking about' place.

Of course, me being me...I thought there was some crappy stuff there too! No doubt the MGM (my most gorgeous man for those not in the know), who went to the Australian National University School of Art for several years and has the piece of paper to prove it, will beg to differ with me on this...our taste being somewhat different, and me being completely and utterly without credentials...except when it comes to his work...which I of course love!!
I love living in this town.
Happy Sunday bloggy people...I'm off to finish painting the pergola, unless something more root canal surgery for instance...gets in my way!
images from here or here