bye bye lovely (long) weekend

on Monday, March 8, 2010

Aren't long weekends fabulous? This one was jam-packed. Went to Sydney on Friday afternoon to spend some time with my gorgeous girl. Bonus, got this fabulous flea market find from the Surry Hill markets on Saturday morning. The first born said this was the definition of a 'cheap thrill'! I have to agree.
Back to Canberra on Saturday night. Managed to get my book club book read on the trip up and back as well. Another bonus.  Must travel by bus more often.

A lovely dinner at a new restaurant with the MGM on my return...Japanese...could become a favourite.
Lunch on Sunday with a neighbour left me...well let's just say I shouldn't have been in charge of power tools or paint brushes... so not many projects done that day.
Monday (thank you Canberra Day) was full on. Painted my bedroom wall black, yes black.   
It was a tough decision.  Do I? Don't I?
Let's just have a little test first...hmm, not sure...oh go on, don't be a baby!

First coat on...too late to stop now
And here it is. I completely love it. How good does the white painted screen look against the black? Artwork on the left by Richard Baldwin, on the right by my talented son. 
Waiting for the 2nd coat to dry, and the rain had stopped, so I pulled out the straggly tomato plants and got this fabulous yield.
Is it possible to make green tomato chutney from small tomatoes? Only one way to find out I guess. Moved the beetroot plants so they're all together, planted some Chinese cabbage and a climbing white banksia rose that I hope will one day bloom outside my bedroom window. Now I just need to work out how to get the vampire slayer from sleeping on my chair near said bedroom window...

Did a bunch of other stuff too boring to talk about or take photos of...weekend well used I think.
Hope you had a good one too.