promise me you'll never do this...

on Sunday, February 26, 2012

This, dear bloggy people is a travesty...
An all white bookshelf. It's just plain wrong. When I first saw this picture I thought all of the books had been covered with white paper, and I wrote quite an impressive rant about that!  Which I had to delete when I realised that they weren't covered...that they were in fact books with only white spines. Which, I concede is not as bad, but it's still wrong. 
In my book J
You know I'm a book lover...and this just makes me wonder if these books are really loved for what's inside their covers, or if they're only in those shelves for their decorative appeal. Call me odd, but that makes me a bit sad.
Would you do this?  Would you, in the worst case collect, or if not collect because you already owned them (in which case I'm prepared to cut you some slack)...would you only display certain coloured books to fulfil a room vision? Could you? Should you? 
I really, really hope there's another room in this home with a bookcase full to the brim with books in every colour of the rainbow. But not colour, not that.... even though I will confess to having done it myself once upon a long time ago. Before it became a trend! 

Thank you for the kind comments on my last post and welcome to a few new's lovely to have you here in the townhouse, where the books are colourful and placed by height and sometimes I know where to find them!